Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Its Humpday !

Sorry for the lack of ass, but I got a week vacation from Twitter, fucking commies ! Next week we should be back to normal ! 😊

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Trump Conspiracy

If these fucks pulled this shit 100 yrs ago, the gallows would already have been built. If by chance the swamp wins this, I'm afraid it'll lead to civil war. Why do you think the left is so feverishly going after the 2nd amendment.
It amazes me that they went from "we don't want to take your guns", to a full blown "let's repeal the outdated 2nd amendment.
If American citizens weren't armed to the teeth, I believe they'd have already brought down President Trump.

Many thought the 2nd was safe while President Trump is in office, nope the mask has slipped, buy plenty of ammo and be aware of everything in this insane political climate !

Remember when the obama regime was buying bullets for every government entity ? Well now we have an idea of what was around corner if Sick Hillary won the presidentcy !
If you think I'm tin foil hatted, look around you !